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 The 2005 Groovy Girls Mini's are the hottest newest must have item. Strike a pose! These little ladies are packed full of the same hip, fashionable style as their "bigger" sisters. They're totally bendable, mobile and oh so totally collectable!

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Minis Groovy Blair $6.99 

Minis Groovy Reese $4.99  

Minis Groovy Noella $6.99 
Minis Groovy Gwen $4.99 

Minis Groovy Roxy $6.99 

Minis Groovy O-Ryan $4.99 

Minis Groovy Bindi  $4.99 
Minis Groovy Oki $4.99 
Groovy Minis Brenna $4.99

Groovy Minis Vanessa $4.99
Groovy Minis Britta  $4.99
Groovy Minis Yvette$4.99 

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